Best Left Handed Guitar Parts

The best left handed guitar parts are not hard to find if you know where to look. Although most guitar parts are made for those who are right handed, in recent years manufacturers have realized the need for parts for lefties. Left handed guitar parts include more than just arms and bridges, you can now buy pratically every guitar part in a left handed style.

  1. Left Handed Black Matte Spring Cover. The best left handed guitar parts are from All Parts. The left handed black matte spring cover from All Parts is a tremolo, single ply cover made specifically for lefties.
  2. Left Handed 6-In-Line Tuners Nickel. For guitarists seeking tuners, this 6-in-line is the best left handed guitar part you can buy. It has an open gear on plank and has white buttons with 31/32 inch spacing.
  3. Left Handed Black Floyd Rose Tremolo Arm. For those who want the best arms for their left handed guitar parts, musicians should look at the Black Floyd rose tremolo arm. The arm produces a retro sound and is made just for lefties.
  4. Left Handed Bigsby B5 Vibrato Tailpiece Gold. The best left handed guitar part as far as tailpieces go, the Bigsby B5 is a horseshoe styled, bridge-free tailpiece made for flat bodied guitars. It has an aluminum frame and the top mount has four screws.
  5. Left Handed Chrome Locking Guitar Nut. The best left handed guitar parts include locking nuts and the chrome locking guitar nut from All Parts is one and 11/16 inches wide and the hardware is included.
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