Best Lego Star Wars Characters

Long ago, in a galaxy … OK, recently, in this galaxy, we compiled a list of the best Lego Star Wars characters. We scoured both Lego Star Wars video games and Lego Star Wars playsets to choose the candidates. The definitive point of judgment is this: The character translates well into Lego squareness. Because let's face it, not all of them do. As a matter of fact, most of the so-called good guys are out of the running on account of translating in entirely much too wholesome a fashion, what with their round smiley heads and their general cuteness.

  1. General Grievous. A hopeless romantic in the cockles of his Kaleeshian heart, Grievous is a prime example of the misunderstood villain in the Star Wars universe. He loses his one true love and gets cheated of his right to a proper warrior's death because there's a war. His awesome strategic plans are thwarted by the Republic at damn near every turn, not to mention being stuck with that nagging cough-what's a guy got to do to get a break? Lego Grievous doesn't get much satisfaction in any of the Lego Star Wars video games but, in the play sets, Grievous can get his happily ever after if that's what we want for him. And we do because—four arms, four light sabers, too cool.
  2. IG-88. What's not to love about a genius assassin/bounty-hunter droid who grows up to be a Death Star? Lego-ization doesn't diminish IG-88's badness at all. His role in the Lego Star Wars video games is somewhat limited but he holds his own and doesn't go all cutesy when he's square (looking at you, Slave Leia).
  3. Darth Maul. Sidious raised the boy well and that animal cunning carries over to Legotized Darth Maul. There's some roundness about him but it's obvious he's team dark force. While he's shaped exactly like any other Lego Star Wars Darth, Maul's face sets him apart. That double bladed light saber is not too shabby either.
  4. Imperial Guard. We like these guys because they're pretty sharp in a duel and they've got wicked attitude. Plus they're red. And ninja-like. So, where your average Stormtroopers would just go all mindless brute force, the Imperial Guard weaves in and out with skill.
  5. Shadow Stormtrooper. Speaking of your average Stormtrooper-way to boost morale, unleasher of the Shadow Stormtrooper. Just go on and unveil the new, improved, now-with-a-hundred-percent-more-sleek version while the originals are still bumbling about, bumping their heads on door jams. It was inevitable, really. Mostly because adding the word "shadow" to just about anything automatically makes it better.


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