Best Liquor to Include in a Wet Bar

The key to a great party is knowing the best liquor to include in a wet bar. When you're stocking your wet bar, it's important to include some basic liquors in your collection. These liquors will keep you prepared for any kind of cocktail request that your guests can throw at you. A wet bar should always include liquor that is easy to mix with different kinds of sodas, fruit juices or any other fancy mixers your guests may bring; you should also include liquor that can be enjoyed on their own and on the rocks for those who don't want to bother with mixers. Being prepared with the right liquor in your wet bar will make every party you throw a hit.

  1. Whiskey A staple for any wet bar, it's great for mixed drinks like whiskey sours. It's also a good mixer for soda and can stand on its own on the rocks.
  2. Vodka A Clear liquor that should be included in any wet bar. It's good mixer with soda, fruit juices and almost anything else you can throw at it. If you want to mix it up a bit and make sure you have everything covered, include a mix of plain and flavored vodka in your wet bar.
  3. Rum Another wet bar staple that mixes well with soda, and fruit juices. Include a bottle of white rum for your calorie conscious guests.
  4. Tequila A liquor basic that's good for margaritas and shots. No wet bar would be complete without a bottle of with golden goodness. If you want to add some drama, include a bottle that has a worm in it.
  5. Gin A good wet bar will always include a good bottle of gin. It's good for martinis and goes great with tonic and on the rocks. 

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