Best Live-Aboard Yachts

As the summer season approaches, lots of people are finding themselves wondering what the best live-aboard yachts are. Living aboard a yacht is a fun and easy way to have instant access to fishing and boating along with a carefree lifestyle that comes with having little to no upkeep on one’s residence.

  1. Mirage Trawler GH37. The first live aboard created by Mirage Trawlers is easily one of their best live aboard yachts. The GH37 made its debut in 1997 and has become one of Mirage Trawler’s most popular items, as well as leading to an increase in the amount of live aboards the company manufactures. With 37 feet of living space, the GH37 is one of the least costly options for the best live aboard yachts, saving its owners in operating costs, slip rental fees and routine maintenance fees. The GH37 comes ready to live in, with space for a microwave, refrigerator, television, cooktop stove and much more.
  2. Mirage Trawler GHN37. For those who consider a long range cruiser to be the best live aboard yachts, the Mirage Trawler GHN37 is an excellent fit. The GHN37 became widely praised after its 2001 launch, and received praise from the marine press. The yacht quickly became the top choice for those who spend their time island hopping, however they have been proven successful in long ocean trips. At approximately the same size as the similar GH37, this live aboard yacht can provide luxury without the added cost. These yachts come ready for its owners, including space for kitchen appliances, televisions and phone outlets.
  3. Lazzara LMC76. For those looking at luxury for the options for the best live aboard yachts, the Lazzara LMC76 is easily one of the best choices. The first yacht launched by Lazzara in 1992, the LMC76 combined customization and production into one yacht, allowing the prospective buyers to customize their yacht to suit their own preferences. The yacht is approximately 76 feet in length, giving more than enough room for an entire family to live or to entertain multiple guests at a time. Up to four bedrooms can be designed, along with a full kitchen and up to three bathrooms. Pricing on the Lazzara LMC76 is available on request and may vary depending on customization.
  4. Lazzara LSX78. As one of the few yachts on the market that combines the boldness of America with the style of Europe, the Lazzara LSX78 is consistently considered one of the best live aboard yachts, even though it is one of the newest on the market. Its sleek design combined with its high level of user friendliness has made this yacht one of the most popular one the market today. The LSX78 is approximately 78 feet in length, with customizable floorplans available to suit everyone’s needs. Pricing is available upon request and will be customized to fit your personalized specifications.
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