Best Long Distance Love Songs 2010

The best long distance love songs 2010 are those songs that empowered you to keep on trucking in your own attempt at a long distance relationship. So whether your long distance relationship has been going on a for a while or it is just starting, these songs will help see you through. Throughout all of 2010, there have been scores of contenders that can veritably call themselves great examples of long distance love songs, but these are the only ones you really need.

  1. "Baby Featuring Ludacris." Justin Bieber's "Baby" is clearly the best long distance love song of 2010 for a number of reasons. First, it's not everyday that you get a song that comes from the very mature soul of a fifteen-year-old child, so that alone makes "Baby" special. To the point, "Baby's" hypnotically repetitive lyrics—the word "baby" is literally repeated ad nauseam for much of the song—will cause you to appreciate your far-away love with all the more passion and desire. It is almost like a scary prayer or a mantra, where with each repeated "baby" you just think of your love all the more. Because, you know, your love is really your "baby," also.
  2. "Your Love Is My Drug." Kesha's "Your Love Is My Drug" is easily the second-best long distance love song due to its ability to get you to appreciate your love with greater intensity and meaning. Kesha (who, as an artist, is not materialistic at all, but, on the contrary, quite the humble and unassuming individualist) is a first-rate genius at crafting songs that bring long distance couples closer together. For example, part of one verse goes "I've got a sick obsession." These words will clearly serve as an inspiration to you if your love is far away—making your love your own "sick obsession" is an effective way at strengthening your commitment to her and, thus, your relationship in general.
  3. "Love The Way You Lie Featuring Rihanna." Just who says rap cannot be romantic at the same time as rhyming your rear end right off? Eminem, better known for his slightly creepy, homophobic and misogynistic lyrics, tries a slightly different track here with a song that describes a screwed-up relationship. In your long distance relationship, you can use the example of a screwed-up relationship in this song as a cautionary tale to will yourself never to let it come to that chaotic point with your own love.
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