Best Low Calorie Diets

The best low calorie diets are those diets that will make sure that you control your daily calorie intake at any cost! They are there to help you lose weight and help you lose weight quickly. For your own safety, though, you should check with your personal doctor before going on a low calorie diet so that you are doing it the safe way.

  1. Mediterranean Diet. The Mediterranean Diet is the best type of low calorie diet because it allows you to eat what you want, just in moderation. Further, the philosophy behind this low calorie diet is that you put a lot more emphasis than with other diets on things like preparing your food and getting enjoyment out of even small meals. It also teaches its dieters to focus on foods that are both low cholesterol and low fat, yet which still have a strong flavor and the ability to leave you feeling fulfilled.
  2. South Beach Diet. One of the most popular diets out there in the marketplace, the South Beach Diet is very unique because it refuses to mention exercise. The main point with this low calorie diet is that its adherents should stop eating foods which include a high degree of carbohydrates, the kind usually found in highly processed foods. This low calorie diet is also split up into three parts, and later on in the diet's course, some of the initially banned foods like those high in carbohydrates are permitted again, but in a slow and gradual manner.
  3. Okinawa Diet. The Okinawa Diet is a nutrient rich diet that is low in calories and comes from the Ryukyu Islands near Japan. This type of diet is based on the traditional eating habits found in the Okinawan diet, and it stresses that all adherents must know precisely how many calories are in each gram of food that they take into their bodies. In this eating plan, food is split up into four categories based on their caloric density. This low calorie diet promises you that you will experience a longer life, become leaner and then also not feel hungry as much while you are on this diet.
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