Best Low Calorie Snacks

Figuring out the best low calorie snacks for your diet is often challenging. Not because you are an idiot, but rather because you are trained incorrectly. If you have a bit of a weight problem, you have a poor diet. Not many fat asses out there are craving apples if you know what I mean. Time to rethink your eating patterns. The good news is once you start eating healthy, junk food will make you sick and you will start avoiding it. It’s called growing up and eating like a big boy.

  1. Fruit. Some of the best low calorie snacks are fruit. Fruit is sweet and it satisfies our craving for sugar. Plus it is loaded with vitamins and is easily consumed without much preparation. If you have a little time, you can make fruit salads or freeze sliced fruit for smoothies. A great Mexican treat is sliced watermelon covered in lime juice. Keep this in a plastic bag until you are ready to eat and then splash a little hot sauce on it.
  2. Vegetable. Most vegetables need a little more preparation than fruits you can buy and consume on the spot. But they make a wonderful low calorie snack and help boost your energy levels. You just need to start slipping them into your eating patterns. So start bringing carrots to work and always eat them at the same time. Much like Pavlov’s frothing dogs, your body will learn to look forward to this snack. Salads make healthy snack choices but you have to mind the dressing. Any dressing that has words like ranch, cheese or creamy in the title is a poor choice. Stick to vinaigrettes.
  3. Carbohydrates. You should never eat fake butter popcorn because not only is it fattening, but also chock full of chemicals. But plain popcorn and salt is a delicious low calorie snack. Add some vinegar to that and you are stoked. There are many low calorie carbohydrate snacks out there but you have to read the labels to make sure you are not eating too much sugar or salt. Try eating plain yogurt with fresh fruit instead of the prepackaged varieties that are loaded with sugar.
  4. Protein. Low calorie snacks that contain protein are usually the ones we crave over carrot sticks so you must tread lightly here. For example a fried egg is not a good snack but a boiled egg is. Other low calorie snack options with protein are seeds and nuts. But mind the salt. Try edamame (boiled soy beans) or sunflower seeds. Both are low in calories, healthy choices and since you have to shell them, you eat them slower.
  5. Liquid. One of the hidden sources of fat in many diets is the coffee drink from Starbucks you get a couple times a day. If you are drinking coffee that contains chocolate, whipped cream, ice cream, sprinkles or syrups you might as well be drinking bacon grease. Try plain coffee or better yet, water. People who drink water all day are not as likely to cave into vending machine candy bars. Water keeps you full at zero calories and you may freely indulge all day. Plus, now that you are hydrated you have less of a chance at getting a hangover.

Tip: There is a lot of junk food that claims it is low calorie because the manufacturer gave you less product and sold it to you at a higher price. But it’s still the same crap. Just less of it.

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