Best Lyrics Of All Time

Words can heal or maim, calm or excite, and when you mix the right words with music, they turn into the best lyrics of all time. Lyrics can't become locked to a certain decade in time the way genres do, for sample the synth pop of the 80s. Embrace the thinking side of your emotions and let your brain and heart process these amazing lyrics.

  1. "What is my life without the heart at risk?" "40 Grand in the Hole" has the feel of antiphony, seeking a response to its call. Mike Doughty backs his words with a simple guitar riff as he throws his pleas to the wind but never loses hope that they won't go unanswered. What other organ besides the heart can be damaged physically by the emotions of losing a loved one? Is life worth anything if you're not constantly putting your protected and vulnerable heart up on the altar of life to seek out meaning, friendship and love?
  2. "When I think more than I want to think, I do things I never should do, I drink much more than I ought to drink, because it brings me back you… " Jeff Buckley takes you on the softest of downward spirals as his words sprawl out on the floor, fighting off the room spinning as you lay shoulder to shoulder reminiscing about past loves. If the exes remained in the past, then these lyrics from "Lilac Wine" would lose their power, but too often the past sucker punches you in the future and thoughts run backwards to happier times.
  3. "All of us are lonely souls and all of us get left for dead, how come i always try to cross even though i know the bridge is burning?" With "The Lies That I Believe", the sorrow of being alone gets coupled with regret in the shadows of your mind. The powerful visual of actually trying to connect with the person across the bridge that you or they have burned is haunting and earns all time best status in the world of lyrics. Most connections that are being destroyed are left to dwindle to a crevasse but Thornley's lyrics speak to the outstretched hand, the impending fall as you try to withstand the flames and make it across no matter how overwhelming it is likely to end up being.
  4. "Threw you the obvious, and you flew with it on your back, a name in your recollection, down among a million same." From a child to an adult, love is often obvious to the creator but rarely to the loved. "3 Libras" shows this reality with a poetic beauty of the infatuated being just one in an infinite pool of suitors for the desired heart and it hits you with a pain so close to your own memories of lost love that the ache feels real. A Perfect Circle spotlights a love that wants the spotlight but gets ignored with such a lack of malice that it makes the lovelorn individual hurt even more and that's a phenomenal set of lyrics.
  5. "Bring me to your hiding place, so I can face your vice grip, I'll chisel every single monkey off your back with this ice pick." Sage Francis crafts a friendship that is so raw it has the feel of constantly being reborn with each incarnation more powerful and bonding than the one before it. "Crack Pipes" isn't about taking a bullet for someone, it's about taking on your friend's problems, no matter how ingrained or terrible they are.












































































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