Best Mafia Movies Based On True Stories

You have not seen a great crime film until you have watched one of the best Mafia movies based on true stories. There is nothing like watching a Mafia movie that was based on a true story. True Mafia stories can be very interesting because you get to see wise-guys and wise-girls as fathers and mothers with families that they love. You will not find very many Mafia films that were based on true stories because of the Mafia's obviously low-key lifestyle. Check out this list for the best Mafia movies that were based on true stories.

  1. "What Doesn't Kill You." Based on the true story of actor/writer/director Brian Goodman. The story covers some very turbulent years in the life of Brian and his closest friend while working as petty thieves in the employment of a south Boston Irish Mafia boss. This is a must-see movie.
  2. "Gangs Of New York." This historical movie was inspired by a non-fiction book. The action-packed film focuses on two rival New York gangs as they fight over territory. One of the gangs eventually became the Irish Mafia in America. The film is set the late nineteenth century and offers some of the most brutal gang fights ever depicted on film.
  3. "A Bronx Tale." The true coming-of-age story of actor/writer Chazz Palminteri. This film takes place in The Bronx, New York, in the 1950's and 1960's, and revolves around a Mafia wise-guy who rules the neighborhood. This Mafia boss also teaches some very important life lessons to a young boy as he grows up. You have to check this flick out.
  4. "Casino." Based on a non-fiction book. It is the story of Frank Rosenthal, who was Swedish, yet adopted by Jewish American parents. Frank Rosenthal successfully ran three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas for the Chicago Italian Mafia during the 1970's and 1980's.
  5. "Donnie Brasco." The shocking and touching true story of how FBI agent Joseph Pistone infiltrated the Bonanno crime family in New York. Posing as Donnie Brasco, Pistone becomes close friends with the wise-guy who vouched for him. Donnie tries desperately to convince his friend to leave the Mafia because Donnie knows, once the FBI moves in, his friend is sure to be killed before they can make any arrests.
  6. "Find Me Guilty." Based on the longest Mafia trial in American history. Wise-guy Giacomo DiNorscio chooses to stand trial instead of ratting out his mob brothers. DiNorscio defends himself in court in spite of having very limited legal knowledge. This Mafia film is very funny and touching.
  7. "Goodfellas." The true story of mobster Henry Hill. Henry never became a made-man in his over 30 years of Mafia affiliation because of his Irish father. When Henry's life starts to spiral downward, he snitches to save himself from a lengthy prison sentence.
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