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In the world of the written word nothing goes unvoiced in the best male blogs. Talent and skill are gender neutral, but it's wise to make sure that the XY chromosome inclined are pulling their weight on the internet and not getting into fights on the electronic playground. Welcome to the present, where the manliest of men spell check.

  1. A blog of few words since it takes to heart that a picture is worth a thousand words. Paternal love and serious artistic talent gets expressed with each little brown bag. Drawing from the past, the present and the imagination, this man draws on his kids' paper lunch bags everyday and makes your stick drawings look kind of sad. Whether it elicits nostalgia, amazement, laughter or straight up envy from you, this male blog shows that the lunch bag isn't just a sandwich holder but a canvas that can brighten his children's days and yours at the same time. Lunchbagart is a blog that will bring you back every day as well as have you wondering where you left your crayons from third grade.
  2. Tim Ferris is all over the spectrum but still maintains a coherent focus wherever he may land. From entrepreneurship to challenging himself and his viewers, is a blog that never bores. He brings a likeable intensity to the realm of self-promotion and branding that borders on the infectious. Add it to your blog reading list for physical training ideas, business insight or just to keep informed of events and ideas that you might not have heard about during your own daily travels and travails.
  3. A great blog on fitness training that doesn't fall into the shallows by telling you to do this and that because he said so. Alwyn Cosgrove presents his thoughts on inspiration, training and research with equal fervor and zero favoritism. Being a cancer survivor not once but twice gives his words and ideas that rare zest for life and openness that most blogs strive for but can fall quite short of. Whether you bookmark for the encouragement or the science, your body will thank you once it gets past the soreness…eventually.
  4. There will be days where you will actively wonder if Lefsetz bothered to take the time to breathe when reading his blog especially if you sign up for his mail list. More feast than famine, will sometimes overwhelm with enough posts that you can hear the sigh of relief from nearby forests grateful that he uses digital communication instead of paper. Knowledgeable and even-keeled–he publishes contrary opinions and detractors' emails so that all viewpoints get to voice their perspectives. This blog asks for your time, but you get a breadth of knowledge and links to music would have gone unseen and unappreciated. is a male blog that has a big mouth and an even bigger heart for the world of music.
  5. Mike Birbiglia refers to his blog as "My Secret Public Journal."  Humor and introspection abound with this comedian's blog. He's able to balance self-promotion with interesting stories, personal insights and a ton of LOLs. Get friendly with and pick up a ton of laughs just for stopping by.
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