Best Man Speeches For Brother

Writing a best man speech for the biggest day of your brother's life is probably as nerve wracking as compiling a college thesis which is why you are looking for best man speeches for brother. Fortunately, you don't need to become a poetry slam master to compose a speech that will bring tears to the eyes of all wedding attendees. Simply paraphrasing a few sample quotes while adding on what matters most about your brother and his future wife may lead you to a wedding speech worthy of thunderous applause… or at least a few raised wine glasses and cheers all around.

  1. Words 2 Touch offers a variety of sample best man speeches that are personable to each situation as well as humorous. One such sample speech from the site speaks about the groom's future wife enjoying Nascar, while the groom is portrayed as a neurotic neat freak, though lovable all the same. Putting together a speech that will incorporate the quirky personality issues of the groom as well as the emotional, kind side of him is one way Words 2 Touch brings out the best in  your best man speech.
  2. Rick and Shell's Wedding Page Obviously Rick, the co-owner of the website "Rick and Shell" had the right idea when he asked his brother, John, to write a best man speech while also acting as his best man. John wrote a speech which brought out the amazing personality that Rick has while probably causing wedding guests to burst out in laughter with his funny anedotes. John's speech incorporated tidbits about how Rick is an avid computer nut, has a bit of an attitude (but only when confronted with right and wrong situations) and is proud of his new wife.
  3. The Art of Manliness Putting together a great best man speech is frustrating without the right format. Due to this, the website "The Art of Manliness" is available to give excellent sugesstions and tips on what to speak about, what type of speech will elicit laughter and even the reasons for staying sober before giving your speech (slurring your words may not go over well in front of guest, though the bartender probably won't mind).
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