Best Man Speeches Examples

Use these best man speeches examples if you're having trouble figuring out the right words to say at your friend's wedding. Some of the most memorable moments of a wedding reception, for better or worse, come from the best man speech. The best man is one of the people that is closest to the groom, and that means that best man speeches examples can go in just about any embarrassing direction. Check out these best man speeches examples and see if any of these help you write your best man speech for an upcoming wedding.

  1. "Your honor, and ladies and gentlement of the jury." These best man speeches will try to cover as many angles as possible, and one of the common best man speeches examples is using humor. The best man can start off addressing the audience as a court of law, and then proceed to tell everyone that the last time the best man and the groom addressed an audience, that is how they had to start the conversation. Use humor to start off your best man speeches examples and you will get everyone's attention immediately.
  2. "I remember the groom before he met the bride."  If the best man wants to start off his speech in a way that will make the groom extremely nervous, then this is a good best man speech example to do that. Embarrassing the groom is part of the best man's job, but try to keep it clean. After all, there are children at the reception.
  3. "This couple deserves a lifetime of happiness." Humor is a fun way to get people's attention, but sincerity is part of the best man speeches examples that will make the speech memorable. Wish the bride and groom a lifetime of happiness, and then raise a glass to their future.
  4. "I am not the greatest at giving speeches, but I wanted to do this." For many best men, the best man's speech will be the first time they have done any public speaking. It sometimes help to quiet the nerves if you just put it out there that you are not great at public speaking, but you wanted to pay your respects as the best man should. It helps to make your speech come off more sincere and meaningful.
  5. Using the groom's favorite saying. Whether it is from a movie, a song or something the groom made up on his own, if you open with the groom's favorite saying then you are sure to get a laugh from everyone in the room. It is your way, as the best man, of paying tribute to the groom and reminding him of all of the years you two have spent together.
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