Best Man on Top of Woman Sex Positions

If you think the Kama Sutra is the best thing life has to offer, it may be a shock to find out there is a top ten best man on top of woman sex positions list. To be fair, there are as many lists for man on top positions as there are positions. Some of them are tame and some are risky for every part of your anatomy. The one sure thing is that all the best positions with men on top of women aim to please. Here are the top five best men on top positions not in any particular order.

  1. Riding High This position is a take on the missionary position. It is also rated as a favorite among "Cosmopolitan" readers. Starting in the missionary position the man raises his pelvis up over the woman's so that his penis is in direct contact with her clitoris. Then he does as the name suggests and rides high.

  2. The Jack Hammer This is a position adored by men and limber women alike. In this man on top position, the man situates himself to be in a modified missionary style. His hands are placed at his partners waist, her legs up but not over the shoulders, and he let's loose going as deep and fast as a jack hammer.

  3. Rocking the Cradle This position is known by many different names. Basically, this is the standard legs over his shoulders technique. Though the technique is standard, several readers of agree that there is nothing standard about the effect.

  4. The Golden Gate Bridge This man on top position may sound a bit out there, but it's simple and will lead her to one of the best orgasms she has ever had. Enter her with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle and start in slow short thrusts using your hands at her waist to guide her. All she has to do is relax and enjoy the ride.

  5. Help from your Friends This is a very misleading technique as many people automatically think of a threesome. This man on top position simply uses the aid of a favorite finger vibe, egg or other toy in addition to a man's natural endowments. It seems simple but the women at agree that this is one of the best ways to make her moan. 

There are many ways to spice up and liven up the missionary position.  Men being on top doesn't have to be boring or ordinary. This list is just a sampling of what a real man can do given the proper encouragement. Next time, take the time to spice it up when you are on top and reap the rewards.

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