Best Marin County Hiking Trails

Looking for the best hiking trails in Marin County? California has many hiking trails, these are the best of Marin County.

  1. Muir Wood National Monument.  Redwood Creek runs right through the middle of the monument. There are well over 559 acres of woods and trails. This monument was founded in 1908. It is known for its great monumental views of wildlife and forestry.  The temperatures are great for hiking, always cool and moist. The normal temperature is 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The tallest trees in the monument are the Giant Sequoias, which stand over 380 feet straight up. The three most common trees in the monument are California Bay Laurel, Big leaf Maple, and Tanoak. There is a wide variety of mammals that run free in the monument, so be careful. If you like birds there are over fifty different species of birds. You might even see a Northern Spotted Owl or many others. There is also over eleven different species of bats, but don’t let that scare you.The hiking trail is over six miles around, but you can walk off the trail. The normal trail takes about three hours to hike if you stay on the trail. The trial is open year round, so for those of you that like to take hikes in winter this is the best place to be.  Muir Woods National Monument, Mill Valley, CA 94941
  2. Mount Tamalpais Hiking Trails. With excellent trails, friendly rangers, and great views of Coyotes and the famous owls, it’s just breath taking. They also have many other species of wildlife. The rangers do ask that you do not try to feed or catch the wildlife; due to the efforts of many people trying to bring the wild back to the wildlife. If you like marked trails, these are the ones for you. So when looking for the best Marin county hiking trails this is one of the best.  801 Panoramic Highway, Mill Valley, California, 94941
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