Best Men’s Baggy Cycling Shorts

What are the best men's baggy cycling shorts?  There are different brands out there, and different styles for any taste. 

  1. Two of the top cycle clothing brands are Sugoi and Pearl IzumiThey make different types of cycle shorts. You can go with some cheaper options too, but the higher end gear is usually these two brands.
  2. Generally, baggy bike shorts are going to be designed to allow a lot of room and movement. They will be loose around the hips and will not go lower than the top of your knees in order to allow for the maximum range of motion.  The types of material and style vary, but the most important aspect is how they will fit on you, the individual. The higher rated shorts usually are made of nylon or polyester fabric in order to be breathable and allow for some stretching.
  3. A good pair of shorts specifically would be the Sugoi Remote Bike Shorts. They run for about sixty dollars and are made of a nice strong nylon material and have pockets for some of your stuff.  These are a higher end pair of shorts and have all the additional bell and whistles. You can always go for a cheaper pair, if your budget doesn't permit for the expensive stuff.
  4. It's always important to remember that if you wear a pair of baggy cycling shorts it's always a good idea to wear a tighter, spandex style pair of biking shorts with a padded bottom. You don't want to learn the hard way that not enough cushion on a bike ride will cost you a lot of soreness later.  

Check out the link for the official cycling site for the U.S. The website has lots of tip and advice by the pros, as well as plenty of competition dates and locations.

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