Best Men’s Gymnastics Floor Exercises

The best men's gymnastics floor exercises aren't always hard, necessarily. Of course, you might stretch some tendons in the process, but what's a little pain when you can turn tricks for the females when you're finished? Use these gymnastics floor exercises to round out your act and step up your game.

  1. V-Sit: V-sits help your overall balance and tighten your core a little, too. Sit on your butt and straighten your legs at a 45 degree angle in front of you. Keep your arms parallel to the floor so your body makes a "V" shape as you balance on your bum.
  2. Cartwheel:  If you don't remember these from doing them as a kid, you shouldn't be in men's gymnastics. But if you need a little refresher, here's how to do one: Launch yourself off the floor, hitting with one hand first and then the other. Keep your arms straight as you roll onto your feet. You should make a wheel shape as you move.
  3. V-Press Handstand:  This one's a little tricky. Start out by doing a handstand. But as you pick up your feet, make a "V" with your legs. Press your body up into a handstand, closing your legs at the top. Yep – all of that without tipping over.
  4. Backward Roll: This one's basically like a somersault, only backwards. Start this gymnastics floor exercise crunched up in a ball on your feet. Place your hands by your ears and roll backward, using your momentum to send your feet backward and up over your head.
  5. Somersaults:  Okay, so this one's opposite of the backward roll. Start either by standing up or curled up in a ball on the floor. Place both hands in front of you and roll your feet over your head. Try to launch off at the end so you stand up.
  6. Dive Roll: Pretend like you're on a diving board for this one – only you've got no water to land in. You'll start this gymnastics floor exercise by standing up. Dive toward the floor, but roll into a forward somersault right before you hit. Always keep your hands out in front, otherwise you'll be wearing a neck brace indefinitely.
  7. Kip Up: A kip up is one of those fancy hip hop moves you see in music videos. Only they're very helpful for building speed and agility in men's gymnastics floor exercises. Start on your back with your knees bent and your hands by your ears. Roll back, then push forward and up, curling your spine outward and landing on your feet.
  8. Splits: Okay, so the splits are a little easier said than done. But if you work on them bit by bit, your tendons and hamstrings will adapt. Start with front splits before moving onto the side splits which will really spell murder on your inner thighs.
  9. Butterfly: Sit with your feet together in front of you. Your legs should be making a triangular shape. Bounce your knees up and down to stretch your inner thighs. Eventually you should be able to touch your knees to the floor.
  10. Deep Jumps: Knowing how to jump high is crucial in men's gymnastics floor exercises. The trick is to get your upper legs and glutes to help you push off. So as you do normal jumps, start from a deep seated position and push through your heels to spring high.
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