Best Method To Attach Table Legs To Table Top

There are many ways to learn about the best method to attach a table leg to a table top. With steel reinforcements, wood blocks, bolts or even glue, a table leg is easy to repair, replace or rebuild. If it is an old table, it may have worked loose and you may have to drill the holes to put in new treads or dowels. Taking care of furniture can be fun and it saves cash in the end. If you're building a table, doing it right the first time will ensure long-lasting usage.

  1. Wood Dowels. The easiest way to install a table leg without seeing the fasteners is to use wood dowels. Simply drill the holes in, but not through the side of the table where the leg will be located. Be sure to use the proper bit size, This should be indicated with the wood dowel package. Glue the wood dowels in place. Then measure out where the wood dowels will fit in the table legs and drill the hole to receive the wood dowels. You are ready to attach the table leg to the table top. Simply put glue in the hole for the dowel and place the table leg in over the wood dowels. Clamp the leg in place for at least two days to allow the glue to dry.
  2. Wood Blocks. Another simple way to attach a table leg to a table top is to use wood blocks. Drill through the blocks before you glue them in place where the table leg will attach to the table top. Glue the wood blocks to the top and sides using a strong wood glue. Clamp them in place and let the blocks dry for at least two days to secure the hold of the glue.

Remember to use a rag on the top of the table to protect the finish from the abrasion of the clamp. Once they are secure, simply use a bolt through the holes and bolt the leg in place. Blocks give a hidden and strong mounting for your table legs. Remember, to keep your table from faltering with the installation of the table leg, you must always let the glue dry before you put it to the test. Use a durable glue that can hold up to the use of the table. If you do, then you should have a table that will withstand time.

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