Best Mexican Soccer Teams

The best Mexican soccer teams all play in Mexico's premier soccer league, the Primera Division. A long-standing league that has been around since the year 1943, the Primera Division boasts a total of eighteen teams that are split up into three groups and who are all vying for league titles. If you are anybody in Mexican soccer, you want to be playing for any one of these teams which appear in Mexico's Primera Division.

  1. America. America (no, not the country) is one of the most distinguished as well as successful Mexican soccer teams playing in the country's Primera Division. Founded almost 100 years ago in the year 1916, America is currently owned by the owner of Televisa, one Emilio Azcarraga Jean. America takes this top spot as Mexico's best soccer team because its list of accolades is really long. Its international achievements consist of getting eight FIFA international titles, which puts them in elite company with the likes of Inter Milan and FC Bayern Munich.
  2. Club Deportivo Guadalajara. Club Deportivo Guadalajara is the arch-nemesis of America, and it has been in existence for more than 100 years, going all the way back to 1906. This Mexican soccer team is infamous for only accepting Mexican players into its team, which may bring with it accusations of racism or race-favoritism, but the club itself is quite successful, which probably tends to insulate it from such charges. It, along with Club America, has never been demoted to second-tier status in Mexican professional soccer, and it also holds the record for longest winning streak in the Mexican soccer league.
  3. Atlas. Atlas is a Mexican soccer team that plays in Guadalajara, one of actually three teams to do so. It is renowned for having one of the best youth programs around in the country of Mexico, as it has both developed and then let play more young talent than any other Mexican team.
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