Best Michael Douglas And Kathleen Turner Movies

Do you want to know the best Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner movies? In actual fact, the actors only made three movies together. Two were part of the same franchise, and the other, The War of the Roses was a black comedy in which they play a married couple.

  1. "Romancing the Stone." "Romancing the Stone" was the very first movie that Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner made together. It's an adventure movie, with a high dose of romance and comedy thrown in. The movie was directed by Robert Zemeckis and also starred Danny DeVito. Turner plays Joan Wilder, a bored romance author who's is mailed mysterious a package from her dead brother-in-law. When she receives a frantic call from her sister who has been kidnapped in Columbia, Joan must take the package and rescue her sister. In Columbia she is helped by handsome American Jack T. Colton (Douglas). When the packages contents is revealed to be a treasure map, Jack schemes to try and get the treasure for himself. However, also after the treasure is Ralph, a crook, played by DeVito. The movie was the recipient of numerous awards, including a Best Actress Golden Globe Award for Turner.

  2. "The Jewel of the Nile." "The Jewel of the Nile" was the sequel to "Romancing the Stone" and came out just a year after the first movie, in 1985. This second movie was directed by Lewis Teague and reunited Turner, Douglas and DeVito. It takes place six months later after the events of the first movie. On a book signing tour Joan is convinced by an Arab ruler, Omar, to come stay at his palace while she writes a piece on him. Frustrated with her relationship with Jack, she decides to take up the offer. Meanwhile Jack discovers Omar's true intentions, and must team up with Ralph to save her and locate the Jewel of the Nile, which is in Omar's possession. Although the movie was enjoyable in its own way, ultimately it was considered not up to the quality of the original, and thus no more movies in the franchise were made.

  3. "The War of the Roses." "The War of the Roses" was Turner and Douglas' final movie together. The movie was shot in 1989 and was directed by fellow "Romancing the Stone" actor Danny DeVito. "The War of the Roses" is an adaptation of the novel "The War of the Roses" by Warren Adler. In the movie the two actors play Oliver and Barbara Rose. The movie is told by DeVito, a divorce attorney who recites the tale of how Oliver and Barbara first met, fell in love, and over the course of twenty years eventually began to hate each other. When divorce negotiations break down Oliver and Barbara separately plan to kill the other. The movie was a success, garnering Golden Globe Awards for both Turner and Douglas.


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