Best Moments Of ‘The OC’ Season 2

The best moments of "The OC" Season 2 probably involved fist fights, sex and high melodrama–in other words, everything that makes a primetime soap a primetime soap and a guilty pleasure at the same time. If you like "The OC" and are a guy, don't fret too much about it. After all, the show featured a whole host of women who could righteously be considered babes!

  1. Caleb Nichol dies. The best moment during "The OC"'s second season has to be when the series villain up to that point, Caleb Nichol, finally dies after getting chest pains and then drops dead into the pool. Caleb Nichol–family patriarch and dad to Kirsten and father-in-law to Sandy Cohen–had so far been revealed to be a womanizer who cheated on his wife, which resulted in a bastard child called Lindsay whom he hadn't acknowledged her whole life. He, also, was always antagonistic to main character Ryan Atwood and was about to divorce Julie Cooper, leaving her penniless and on the street. So when he died, fans had reason to rejoice, but it was a bittersweet moment nonetheless, since villains like Caleb Nichol always make shows very interesting.
  2. Trey Atwood tries to rape Marissa Cooper. Trey Atwood, Ryan's older, ex-convict brother, has gained the trust of "The OC" clan and especially, of Marissa, who seems to have an inborn habit of tragically helping all the bad boys on the show. Unfortunately for her, this doomed tendency of hers finally comes around to bite her in the you-know-where as she is almost raped by a drugged-up Trey at the beach! She only manages to escape when she gets to slide her delicate fingers around a piece of driftwood and cracks Trey in the head with it. Scandalous scenes like this are precisely what build up the drama on soaps like "The OC."
  3. Marissa Cooper shoots Trey Atwood in the back. You know what they say about payback? Payback is a, well, you know. So, when Marissa wound up in a position to shoot Trey–in his back, no less–she took it, and got herself some payback for his rape attempt on her. However, her motive was not based on revenge as bad boy Trey was actually in the act of trying to kill his younger brother, series main character Ryan! So, what's a girl like Marissa to do in such a situation in "The OC"? Why, find the gun carelessly lying on the floor and then use it to save her man, Ryan. That's what!
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