Best Mountain Bike Clipless Pedals?

What is the best mountain bike clipless pedals? The best mountain bike clipless  pedals are probably the ones used by the most successful mountain bikers. A good majority seem to use the Shimano’s SPD (Shimano Pedalling Dynamics) system.

There are several types and variations of the Shimano system. There are different pedals for off-road, all-mountain, multi-purpose, and BMX bikes. These pedals should clip into a recessed area of the accompanying shoe, allowing the biker to walk around in the shoe much more easily than in a road bike shoe.

Shimano clipless mountain bike pedals are so advanced that they help any biker in several ways. They allow you to maintain much more of the energy you exert when riding as well as making it safer for you. Without clipless mountain bike pedals you could potentially lose your grip when riding a trail, and get very hurt. Mountain biking should always be done carefully.

Within the array of clipless mountain bike pedals from Shimano here are some of the types and features.

  1. There are very light pedals with faster clipping. These are made for the competitive off road biker and are called the XC series.
  2. There are heavier pedals with slower clipping. These pedals, called "All Mountain", are built with more concern for durability.
  3. There are multi-purpose pedals for multiple purposes. These purposes could include road biking, mountain biking, or BMX biking. The multi-purpose pedals from Shimano are good enough to be used in certain competitions by an experienced biker.
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