Best Movies With John Travolta And Cuba Gooding

There are some exciting and interesting movies that have been made, but the best movies with John Travolta and Cuba Gooding Jr. are movies you don’t want to miss. The types of movies John Travolta and Cuba Gooding Jr. star in keep you wanting more. Who has time for a bathroom break with so much action, suspense and even laughter in their movies? These are two talented and diverse actors that have had their share of blockbuster movies, but we will start with the veteran of the two: John Travolta.

  1. “Face/Off” was one of the best thrillers made in 1997. Sean Archer (Travolta) is a tough-as-nails FBI agent. He is grieving the loss of his son, who was killed by his sworn enemy, Castor Troy (Nicholas Cage). Troy is a ruthless criminal whom Archer put away for a long time. He’s now confronted with the task of saving the entire city of Los Angeles from the merciless grip of Troy, who has planted a bomb in the city. The clock is ticking for Archer to find where the bomb is located. He goes through extreme measures to get Castor.
  2. “The General’s Daughter” was made in 1999. Paul Brenner (Travolta) investigates the horrific death of a high-ranking officer; Captain Elisabeth Campbell (Leslie Stefanson). She is the titular general’s daughter, the general being Joe Campbell (James Cromwell). As the plot thickens, the events that lead up to the death of Captain Campbell become more bizarre. This makes Brenner more determined to solve this case.
  3. “Grease” was Travolta's breakout role and a true classic that came out in 1978. Danny (Travolta) is a good looking, cool cat and leader of the pack from Rydell High School. He is trying to woo a transfer student from Australia, Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) with his charm, and they end up falling in love. This movie is filled with a lot of singing and dancing; who doesn’t know how to do the hand jive after seeing this movie?
  4. In “Wild Hogs,” Travolta let his humorous side shine. Four middle-aged men (John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, Tim Allen and William H. Macy) who want to feel young, adventurous and free from all of life’s burdens, take to the open road on their motorcycles, with no real destination in mind. They end up running into more than they can handle.
  5. “Boyz n the Hood” was made in 1984, and it showed the reality of a young man trying to make it in a South Central ghetto. Tre (Cuba Goodin Jr.) is a young man trying to stay on the right side of the tracks. When he witnesses his best friend and football star Ricky (Morris Chestnut) get gunned down, this makes life harder for him.
  6. “Men of Honor,” made in 2000, is a very inspiring movie. Carl Brashear (Gooding) was the first amputee and African American navy diver who defeated all odds. In a time when racism was high, his Master and Chief Leslie Sunday (Robert DeNiro) didn’t make it easy.
  7. “Instinct” is a 1999 drama full of mystery. Dr. Theo Calder (Gooding) is an up-and-coming psychiatrist with the task of unlocking the deepest, darkest thoughts of an acclaimed anthropologist, Dr. Ethan Powell (Anthony Hopkins). Powell lands in a mental institution for murder. Calder has to now find out what provoked him to kill.
  8. “Snowdogs” was a 2002 comedy. Ted Brooks (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is a successful Miami dentist, whose reality is turned upside down when he learns he’s adopted and his birth mother has passed away, but she named him in her will. He travels to Alaska to find out what he is to inherit. He was not prepared for what he received, which is a pack of out-of-control Alaskan sled dogs. These dogs have it in for him, and so does his newly-found birth father Thunder Jack (James Coburn). Watching Brooks trying to train these dogs for the Arctic Challenge is a laugh a minute. He’s clearly out of his element and league with these intelligent dogs.
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