Best Muay Thai Books

The best Muay Thai books help you to easily learn Thailand's official sport and kickboxing method. If you don't have an instructor, you'll need a book that is easy to follow and contains comprehensive diagrams. Here is a list of some of the best Muay Thai books. 

  1. "Muay Thai: A Living Legacy" by Lesley D. Junlakan. You'll learn the basic punches and kicks of Muay Thai in this well renowned book. The guide is full of full color diagrams so that you really get a good visual sense of what you're doing. 
  2. "Mastering Muay Thai Kick-Boxing: MMA-Proven Techniques" by Joe Harvey. Designed for all skill levels, this Muay Thai book guides you through all the fundamental punches and kicks. Because Muay Thai is "the art of eight limbs", you will also learn the fundamental strikes using your elbows and knees. 
  3. "Muay Thai Kickboxing: The Ultimate Guide to Conditioning, Training and Fighting" by Chad Boykin. Boykin provides you with an impeccable set of training drills to train you for every aspect of Muay Thai. Condition your mind and body for better fighting, then learn all the punches, kicks and blocks you need to know before entering the ring. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Muay Thai fighter, you will learn a lot from this book. 
  4. "Muay Thai Basics: Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques" by Christoph Delp. A group of Thai champions fill the illustrations in this wonder instruction book by Christopher Delp. Learn traditional stretching and conditioning methods and how to create your Muay Thai training strategy. You'll also learn punches and kicks. 
  5. "Fighting Strategies of Muay Thai: Secrets of Thailand's Boxing Camps" by Mark Van Schuyver. Here's a tactics and strategy based Muay Thai book that you must have in your library. Thailand's boxing camps placed a great emphasis on fighting and training strategies. You'll learn these traditional strategies to prepare yourself for the fight in one of the best Muay Thai books ever written.  
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