Best Muay Thai DVDs

The best Muay Thai DVDs will prepare you for the ring. There are many manuals out there for this Thai kickboxing method. Here are some of best Muay Thai instructional DVDs presented by some of the sport's greatest teachers and fighters. 

  1. "Muay Thai Master Saekson". Join one of the great Muay Thai masters of Thailand in a four DVD set designed to provide you with all the punches, kicks and strikes to help you win in the ring. The first two DVD's provide all the beginners' preliminaries in an easy to understand training program. The latter two DVDs reveal many tips on training and conditioning your body like the pros do. 
  2. "Douk Roufus: Full Contact Kick Boxing". Get 6.5 hours of top quality training from a World Heavyweight Muay Thai champion in eight DVDs. You'll learn all the basic strikes and blocks plus lots of body conditioning, fight combinations and fight strategy training. When you're tired of training, you can also watch Douk fighting real people in the ring. 
  3. "Mastering Muay Thai". Paul Metayo started his Muay Thai training at age thirteen. Since then, he has won far more fights than he has lost. Learn warm ups and conditioning, some sparring techniques and how to use a heavy bag for training. The DVD is 82 minutes long and is a complete program. 
  4. "The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course". Scott "Bam Bam" Sullivan teaches you heavy bag drills, fighting combinations, basic clinch techniques and more in a six DVD Muay Thai training set. You'll also learn the body lock and some obscure techniques. 
  5. "Muay Thai Fights". While not instructional, this multi-volume Muay Thai DVD set features some of the best fighters in action. The filmmakers were able to get right next to the ring for awesome close up action. The nonstop excitement, old school fighting style and the lack of pads and gear make this one of the best Muay Thai DVD sets you'll ever want to watch. 
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