Best Muay Thai Training Equipment

The best Muay Thai training equipment works the major muscles groups and refines the strikes and techniques of Muay Thai. These Muay Thai training items do just that. Muay Thai is a popular sport as well as means of self-defense. Training in any sport is important, but for Muay Thai it is a way of life. Muay Thai is a constant growth discipline that requires dedication and perseverance. Look at the training equipment for Muay Thai defined below to get a great start on your training.

  1. Muay Thai Heavy Bag. A sleek version of the traditional heavy bag, the Muay Thai heavy bag provides a great mechanism to work knees and power strikes. Clench fighting is a big part of Muay Thai and being able to work the knees in close is vital.
  2. Muay Thai Focus Mitts. This piece of equipment offers pinpoint striking practice and helps to fine-tune your focus. Focus mitts are perfect to working hand to eye coordination and speed as well as rotations. Use the focus mitts to work all aspects of strikes from jabs to upper cuts.
  3. Muay Thai Kicking Pads. These pads provide a means to unload kicks in a sparring environment. Kicking pads are built for support and target focusing and endurance for the Muay Thai fighter. Use these pads for similar rotations as used with the focus mitts.
  4. Muay Thai Grappling Dummy. This piece of equipment allows the Muay Thai fighter to work on throws and floor moves. Muay Thai is a primarily a stand-up attack discipline, but ground game is also needed for the well rounder Muay Thai fighter. The grappling bag offers this training as well as fine-tuning throws.
  5. Gym Accessories. These accessories can provide the advantage a Muay Thai fighter. Medicine balls, jump ropes and resistance belts will all work your muscles groups and help improve your endurance. Cardiovascular training is a big part of Muay Thai and should not be overlooked no matter your skill level.



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