Best Music Cufflinks

The best music cufflinks are pairs of matching creativity for shirt sleeves. Music cufflinks are bling with a message. You want your career or interest out there, but you also want to show some class and taste. The cufflinks may be flashy, but you want class in your flash. The following best music cufflinks are listed in no particular order;

  1. Note cufflinks. Pick your favorite music notes for individual cufflinks. Jazzers may like half-notes, while musicians employed in the industry might just want an ornament, harmonic or fermata sign on the cuffs.
  2. Music notation cufflinks. Music staffs are popular cufflinks and are offered by many companies. Unless you're a large person, with big wrists, these might be a bit much. Think Jerry Lee Lewis. Small music staffs, particularly those made of fine metals such as platinum or 24-carat gold seem to transcend any hint of tackiness, at least for some folks. In picking the best cufflinks, it all comes down to your own taste. If you like it, wear it. Hand-made notation cufflinks also have more cache than mass produced numbers.
  3. Instrument cufflinks. This group of music cufflinks meets the personal taste category for the best cufflinks but the pair of cuff holders can also tip over the top of good taste. If you're in a rockabilly band, then monster snare drums with pearl faces for the head might be just the thing. But for most musicians these cuffs don't meet the best music cufflink test. Instrument links include almost every instrument imaginable.
  4. Music cufflinks with celebrity bling. If you have the money, splurge for music cufflinks that show your philanthropy, as well as your love for music. Some celebrities have even begun designing cufflinks in support of their favorite causes.
  5. Western cufflinks. Country western and cowboy bands love the flash of turquoise. The best music cufflinks for country fans include silver arrowheads and Native American made treasures. Pair the links with a string tie and you're ready to go!
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