Best Music For Running

The best music for running is the kind of music that pumps you up and simply motivates you to keep running harder and for as long as it takes to satisfy your exercise needs. You want music that psyches you up and won't stop doing so until you have run to meet your exercising needs. The best music for running is music that is heart-stopping, dramatic, loud, edgy, and has some of the best beats in all of musical composition.

  1. "Them Bones" By Alice In Chains. A relic from the grunge era of the 1990s, "Them Bones" By Alice In Chains is what you might expect to take the number one spot on a list of the best metal or grunge songs, but it works great as a motivator for running, too. Whether it's the driving and chugging beat established by Jerry Cantrell and Mike Starr's guitar licks and bass playing, respectively, or the late, great Layne Staley's melodic and wide-ranging, snarl-scream vocals, "Them Bones" will kick you in your rear end and make sure you run like there's no tomorrow if you listen to it.
  2. "One" By Metallica. Going even further back to the 1980s brings this absolute jewel and gem of thrash-metal and head-banging delight, Metallica's "One." Featuring lyrics that evoke a military theme, Kirk Hammett's blazing lead guitar solos, and Lars Ulrich's frenetic and well-timed, hard drumming, listening to "One" while you are running for a workout will really get your blood, heart and whole body pumped up and going. The next time you want a good motivator to spur you on while you are running, enjoy "One" as you work out.
  3. "Jerk-Off" By Tool. From the awesome, sweet and all-around exemplary progressive metal band Tool comes this offering from the early 1990s. On their debut EP from 1992, "Jerk-Off" is a live version of a blistering, fast and very angry, short song that expresses the frustration you are allowed to have in life towards people who simply annoy you. While you are running, get pumped up and aspire to a better workout  as you are listening to Danny Carey and Paul D'Amour's unbeatable drum and bass work, Maynard James Keenan's high-pitched, angry vocal screams, and guitar wizard Adam Jones' fluid, searing playing style.
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