Best Mutual Funds For 2010

Mutual funds pool money together from small investors and the best mutual funds for 2010 provided a five year average return ranging from 10.91% to 4.57%. Each mutual fund counts on its manager to invest in stock or other commodities to provide a consistent return for mutual fund members. Funds vary in the types of commodities they typically purchase.

  1. Nuveen Tradewinds Value Opportunities (NTVTX). This winning mutual fund invests in long-term capital appreciation. The YTD return is 3.13% while the average five year return is 10.91%.
  2. Black Rock Focus Growth International  (MAFOX). This top fund has an average five year return of 9.35%. The YTD averages 6.14%. They invest in equity securities.
  3. Fidelity Growth Market Fund (FDGRX). This fund primarily invests in common stock. This large growth fund YTD is 29.78% and it yields a 6% five year average.
  4. Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX). This fund invest in capital appreciation. The YTD of this top mutual fund is 4.73% with a five year average of 5.30%.The fund invest in both foreign and domestics issuers.
  5. CGM Focus Fund (CGMFX).  This focus fund seeks long-term growth capital. Their average five year yield is 4.57%. The mutual fund primarily invest in companies with a market capitalization of at least $5 billion.
  6. T. Row Price (TRBCX). This fund invests in common stock and medium size blue chip growth companies. The YTD is 6.24%. The five year average runs 4.20%.
  7. Invesco Van Campen Capital Growth (ACPAX). This mutual fund invests in common stock the Adviser believes has growth potential. YTD return is 5.93% and the fund averages a  6.41% five year return.
  8. Dodge & Cox Income (DODIX).  This top mutual fund invests in a diversified portfolio of bonds of high quality and other fixed-income securities. The fund's YTD is 1.13% and the five year average is $4.82%.
  9. Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities (VIPXS). This top mutual fund looks to protect against inflation with inflation-indexed securities. The fund's average five year return is 5.86%. The YTD return is 7.03%.



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