Best National Paintball Fields

Are you a paintball player looking for the best national paintball fields? Here is a list of the best paintball fields in the United States. They will lead you on a hunt around the nation playing some of the best amateur and professional players. The competition is strong and the fields are set up with some of the best obstacles and hiding place you will find anywhere.

  1. Skirmish USA Paintball Field One of the most intriguing and interesting fields you will ever play on. Their large event they have is a weekend Skirmish war where teams gather and camp as they play the whole of Skirmish. This event is a must for any paintballer.
  2. Matt’s Outback Paintball This field is an interesting one. Located in Coventry, Connecticut, the fields are clean and the pros are nice and officiate great games. This field will have you enjoying your time.
  3. Fun on the Run Paintball Park Located on Fort Worth Texas it is rated as one of the best in Texas. With more then 115 fields, this says something. It is also one of the longest running paintball fields. You cannot go wrong with a day on this paintball field.
  4. Hollywood Sports Park This field in Hollywood, California is set up very nicely. It gives you room to roam and the games are of a decent time. The field has many intriguing and great obstacles. One thing to be aware of is that it gets crowded. This means there may be a lot of time between games and is great for people that are in groups.
  5. AG Paintball Located in Weare, New Hampshire, this field is just a great outdoors woods field. Everything is set up nicely to give you places to sneak around the back on their fields. The woods and the space they have make this field great.
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