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Oh, what a difficult article to write; who has the best natural boobs out there? So many women, so little time. And of course for every man out there, there's a different standard for "best" in the natural boob category. Researching this article will be untold agony, but let's go with a "Top 10" list, American celebrities (i.e., known of by the vast majority of Americans) only. The premise will be 'bigger is better', but some mid-sized beauties will be included as well. 

  1. Christina Hendricks; best known as Joan on Mad Men and #1 on this list.  Everybody else can land anywhere, but she is luscious! This woman is a throwback to the days of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, when real women had curves.
  2. Jessica Simpson: Singer, wannabe actress. Her girls dang near get more attention than she does. My guess is she's a D-cup, but anybody can feel free to correct me. Really.
  3. Salma Hayak; Movie actress, executive producer of Ugly Betty. What a beautiful woman! Along the mind set of 'best natural boobs', she went full natural when she carried, gave birth to and nursed her son. From slender to curvy, she has always had a lovely pair of breasts.
  4. Jessica Biel; TV and movie actress, on-and-off again with Justin Timberlake. Jessica has yet to break into the A-list of movies, but she is much beloved amongst men. She works and trains hard to maintain her 'hard body' look, and her efforts have paid off. Fortunately for us, her golden globes were not adversely affected by all that hard work.  Wouldn't it be a shame to see her wind up looking like Madonna?
  5. Scarlett Johansson: Movie actress, wife of Ryan Reynolds. Doubly blessed as a talented actress and singer.  Currently only 24 years of age, she has already delivered on the great promise she showed just a few years back. Scarlett has beautiful, natural boobs that don't steal the spotlight.
  6. Jennifer Love Hewitt: TV and movie actress, best-known in her role on hit CBS series, Ghost Whisperer. Miss Love has not made a clean break into movies, but she has at least two major hit TV series under her belt.  As Sarah on Party of Five, she won many admirers. Love has had her fair share of battles with weight, but please. It's ridiculous to expect a grown, curvy woman to look like a starving boy child.  Her natural boobs get two thumbs-up, and give me a Warm Fuzzy.
  7. Catherine Bell: Famous for her role on JAG, her breakout performance was as the newscaster on Bruce Almighty. Her boobs deserve a shrine. At 5'10", she has the frame to carry those beauties.
  8. Heidi Klum: Model, host of Project Runway. Heidi was born in 1973 and (at this writing) has carried four children, and she still has an impressive body. I'm no clothing designer, but I'd have to say Rod Stewart hit the nail on the head when he sang "And you wear it well".  Most runway models are built like a wire hanger, but Heidi has beautiful breasts that fit her body type.
  9. Angelina Jolie: Movie actress, Brad Pitt's life partner. This woman just has a stunning rack. She's only 5'8" but seems so much taller, as her arms and legs are quite long.  She's a full C-cup and how unfair is that? Waif thin, and natural beauties to boot.
  10. Megan Fox: Movie actress, but nobody hears anything she says, really. Too hot. … um sorry? Where was I. Oh, right. Megan Fox. Allegedly acts, says a great many stupid things any and every chance she gets, and nobody cares because DAYUM! She does not have a bad angle on her.

It can't just be about the boobs though. There are plenty of Bunnies out there who don't wind up with an international fan base. For the most part, these are incredibly talented women who have accomplished a great deal in their lives to date. The fact that they have been endowed with some of the best natural boobs on the planet is merely icing on the cake.

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