Best Nevada Brothels

When the strip clubs won’t cut it and it’s time to graduate to the brothels, only the best Nevada brothels will do.  There are many to choose from but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” And since you’re contemplating paying, you’re sure to get your money’s worth with one of the spots on this list.

  1. Moonlite Bunny Ranch. The one and only. This is the most famous brothel in Nevada and is likely the best Nevada brothel of them all. It’s primarily known for its celebrity clientele and moonlighting porn star staff. If you’re going to check out brothels you might as well check out the best and then judge the rest.
  2. Donna’s Ranch. A true cat house, this brothel has been open since the mid 1800’s. Who knows how good the girls are but once you get to wrangling in this stable you’re sure to feel like you’re riding with the rest of the historic cowboys.
  3. The Mustang Ranch. his one is as famous as The Bunny Ranch. Now defunct, it was the epitome of what you would expect to find in one of the best Nevada brothels. This speakeasy wasn’t just notorious for the acts of the girls, but the acts of the owner as well. The brothel was closed down, seized and sold for allegations revolving around tax fraud.
  4. The Love Ranch. Owned by the same establishment at the Bunny Ranch, the girls sometimes work both spots.  And go both ways, depending on your needs and desires. It might not be the best Nevada brothel but then again, can there really be a bad one?
  5. Cherry Patch Ranch. Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss put this ranch on the map by suggesting she would buy it and reopen it with male prostitutes catering to females. If the dream ever becomes a reality it will certainly be remembered as one of the best Nevada brothels to ever exist.
  6. The Chicken Ranch. This world famous brothel provides a relaxing spot to lounge about with the girls or watch the game from.  Granted, your sitting on RV-type furniture and watching a big screen the size of an extra-large moving box but who’s there for the amenities.  There is a full “menu” of delights to choose from classifieds the same as you would a restaurant. There are appetizers, the main course, lunch specials, house specialties and of course, desert.
  7. Sherri’s Ranch. Another of Nevada’s notorious brothels, this one has a strip club feel to it. At least the girls come off more like strippers as opposed to prostitutes, although it can be hard to tell the difference if you’re not discerning.  Designed to operate more like a resort than a brothel it offers complimentary limo service, likely reserved for its big spenders.  But if you’re putting up the money, might as well go all in.
  8. Shady Lady Ranch. This brothel did what Heidi Fleiss could only dream of. They went through the legal hassle of approving the first male prostitute to work in a legal Nevada brothel. He went by the name of “Markus” and after realizing women aren’t as horny as men, left the business. But another male picked up the baton and is apparently swinging it well.

The brothels in Nevada open and close their doors about as fast as their sex workers spread their legs so maintaining a list of which establishments are in business at any give time can be difficult. Still, there will always be at least one hole to fall into and for most guys one is all you need.

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