Best Ninja Climbing Gear

The best ninja climbing gear is gear that supports you in all your essential ninja endeavors, whether they be grappling or rappelling, climbing trees, scaling walls or cliffs, or even simply making a quick escape from a wall, roof or ledge. With this ninja climbing gear, you can bring out your inner ninja, just don't think you're the reincarnation of Hattori Hanzo or anything.

  1. Ninja Grappling Hook. Probably the most iconic as well as most well-known type of ninja climbing gear out there, the grappling hook is a must for all your ninja climbing needs. Ascend ledges, trees or anything else within reason simply by throwing the grappling hook to where you want to climb. It also comes with a 33 foot nylon rope.
  2. Ninja Hand Claws. Besides looking really, really cool, these ninja hand claws are another essential ninja climbing gear. A common tool for ninjas, these ninja claws are great for climbing and even ice walking! They are made from a heavy-duty construction and feature bracelet bands that can be easily fitted to your needs. These claws come in a set of two and can even double for self-defense purposes, at least, traditionally.
  3. Ninja Foot Spikes. As far as ninja climbing gear goes, ninja foot spikes can also be used for ice walking, climbing and scaling. For example, for climbing things like trees, simply secure these foot spikes over your footwear and keep them in place with laces. Then, the process is as easy as latching your feet into the tree and taking steps up. Like the ninja hand claws, this piece of ninja climbing gear can be used for self-defense.
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