Best Novelty Cufflinks

While shopping for shirts you may want to try pairing them with the best novelty cufflinks. Although most people think of cufflinks as an elegant accessory to an outfit, you can still be polish and playful with wearing novelty cufflinks. Your cufflinks can express another side of your personality to the world.

  1. Silver Watch Movement Cufflink. If you are a man who loves watches, features the Silver Watch Movement cufflinks.  Inspired from the levers and gears of watches created in the early 20th century, these jeweled novelty cufflinks are set in pure sterling silver. You may also opt to select the solid 18-karat gold backing to match your outfit.
  2. Buy and Sell Cufflinks. Being on the trading room floor of the New York Stock Exchange, you are likely to hear the words “buy” or “sell.”  The “Buy and Sell” cufflinks by are accessories a stockbroker, money manager or investor may wear. Each novelty cufflink has one word incased in a silver oval frame.
  3. Knot Cufflinks. Crafted in sterling silver, the classic knot cufflinks by Links London revamp an old school accessory.  Wear the knot cufflinks connected with a chainlink for business wear, evening attire or a more formal wear.
  4. Superhero Stamp Cufflinks. You've read every comic book since you were a little boy, from Batman, to Superman and Spider-man. Now you can wear these three commemorative superhero novelty cufflinks from Red Envelope, with a crisp shirt. The artwork comes from actual United States postage stamps. There is still a little kid in you when you wear one of the three superheroes with the nickel-plated backing and stamp-like perforated edges.
  5. Jigsaw Piece Cufflinks. Put the final touches of your outfit by including the Charles Tyrwhitt Jigsaw Piece Cufflinks. This is for the man who likes all the pieces in the right place. Silver-plated with a metal base and fixed bar finding, the jigsaw piece cufflinks can go from formal to evening wearing.         
  6. Smart Phone Cufflinks. You do not have to be a techie or geek to have a smart phone. This invention has become a worldwide phenomenon. Load your favorite apps, send a tweet, take a picture, or browse the Internet, all while you take phone calls. Inspired by the iPhone, now there is another reason to keep your smart phone close—to accessorize your outfit! Try wearing the Smart Phone Cufflinks from with a pair of dark blue jeans.       
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