Best Ocean Kayak Paddle Clips

The best ocean kayak paddle clips are kayaking accessories which ensure that your paddle is fastened to your kayak deck at all times. They also make certain that you can handily get at your paddle any time you need to for quick access needs or uses.

  1. Ocean Kayak Paddle Clips. By maker Ocean Kayak, these paddle clips come with four rivets and two mounts. These are ideal for fastening paddles with one hand, making the whole process safe and easy. As with all paddle clips, take care to position them on your kayak in a way that doesn't interfere with your mobility. These paddle clips are made of plastic, and their dimensions are 2.75 inches tall, 3 inches across and .75 inches wide. Instructions also come with your purchase.
  2. Ocean Kayak Paddle/Rod Clips. Another set of paddle/rod clips from Ocean Kayak, these particular paddle clips are meant to be mounted on your kayak's deck in order to keep your paddle, and even fishing rods, out of the way while paddling. A good feature of these clips is that they come with rivets; this way, you do not need to drill more holes into your kayak as you would with screw mounts.
  3. Ocean Kayak Paddle Keeper. This entry from Ocean Kayak is a little bit of a more older-fashioned set of paddle clips. Made especially for sitting on top kayaks, these clips have a strap that passes through an additional eyelet and then fastens to hold it in place. Then, a couple of paddle clips contribute by gripping the paddle's shaft firmly in place.
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