Best Oklahoma Acting Schools

If you think you’re as good as Clint Eastwood or Tom Cruise, then here are the best Oklahoma acting schools in the state. It’s not easy becoming a big Hollywood movie star. Either you’re discovered while working at a fast food restaurant or you go on a 1000 auditions before getting your big break. Attend the best schools and learn what it takes to succeed in the tough world of acting. Sharpen your acting skills, perfect your Red Carpet smile and chisel your abs. You’re going to Hollywood, baby.

  1. The University of Oklahoma: This school is one of the oldest acting schools in the United States. Students come here to learn all they can about drama and fine arts. The University of Oklahoma is tough on its students in order to prepare them for the real world of acting. All the classes and programs lead to one thing: a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  There’s only a few ways to get into this university. You need to audition or interview, have a portfolio and complete the admission forms. If you have the right stuff, then do the audition. You have a better chance of being accepted if you can show some talent. Otherwise, charm them with your magnetic personality, leading man voice and gorgeous blue eyes through an interview. Get started on your application and you could one day be the next big Hollywood star. Carpenter Hall, Room 104, Norman, OK 73019. (405) 325-7370
  2. Oklahoma State University: The second of the Oklahoma acting schools that’s worth considering is Oklahoma State University’s Department of Theater. You could get a Bachelor of Arts in Theater or Masters of Arts in Theater degree.  Courses include theater history and drama.  Apply for scholarships if you need the extra financial help. Contact the school for more information. Oklahoma State University also does student productions several times during the school year. It’s a good way of practicing your new skills. Stillwater, OK 74078. (405) 744-5000
  3. The Actor Factory: If you don't want to spend years in school or college learning how to act, check out The Actor Factory. This places teaches you acting techniques you'll need for the camera in as little as six weeks. Your instructors are trained in all the best techniques to help you become successful. If you land that role of a life time, then don't forget to thank The Actor Factory. Classes and workshops available every six weeks, so sign up soon. 3750 W Main St, 5 Park A,  Norman, Oklahoma 73072. (405) 701-1673


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