Best Old Town Kayak Cockpit Covers

Looking for the best Old Town kayak cockpit covers? These Old Town kayak cockpit covers will help you keep your kayak in great shape. Long periods of storage can lead to dirty and grimy kayak cockpits. Old Town cockpit covers protect your kayak from insects, rain and dirt so that your equipment remains in top condition. Old Town has been in business for over 30 years. It's a better brand and makes good quality products at reasonable prices. Here's a list of Old Town kayak cockpit covers that may interest you.

  1. Old Town Loon 111/138 Kayak Cockpit Cover. These cockpit covers provide maximum protection against the problems you face when storing your kayak. They secure tightly against the kayak's rim for a better fit. Made with urethane and nylon for a sturdier coverage, the Loon 111 also keeps insects out. These cockpit covers come in the color black are sell for about $30 online. These covers are made to fit Loon 111, Loon 138, Loon 111 and 138 elite, 111 and 138 Predator, Excursion 111 and 111 Voyager kayaks.
  2. Extrasport Nylon Cockpit Cover 3.9, 5.7 and 5.9. This type of kayak cockpit cover fits Castine Elite, Kurl, Loon 120 (made before 2006), Nantucket Elite, Otter, Otter Sport, Solitude, Solitude Elite and Stoker style kayaks. It’s made with nylon and vinyl for sturdiness and a better fit. These covers are priced at $40 on Old Town’s website.
  3. Old Town Loon 138T Cockpit Cover. This Old Town cockpit cover protects the 138T kayak model from water, insects and dirt. It comes in black and straps on for more security and fit. This Old Town product secures firmly around the rim when you put it on your kayak, and sells for $48 at Old Town’s web store.



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