Best Olympic Platform Diving Athletes

The best Olympic platform divers have gone deep into their hearts, pooling their resources to emerge as champions in their own right. Diving is a subdivision of aquatics which comprise of swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and diving. This water sport became popular in the 18th century when the Germans and Swedes competed. It was not until 1901 that diving officially gained recognition as an intercontinental sport and in 1904, diving was a registered Olympic tournament in St. Louis. Divers can plunge into the Olympic sized swimming pool from 10 meter, 7.5 meter and 5 meter high platforms. Sometimes, divers are required to do a gymnastic handstand before making the plunge. Platforms are 6 meters by 2 meters, covered with non-slip material for swimmers. Skill in diving is considered according to difficulty levels ranking from 0 to 4.0. The complexity of the dive relates to the feats required such as somersaults, flips, body rotations and revolutions, grace and form. 

  1. Gregory Louganis is one of the greatest Olympic platform divers ever. A U.S. swimming competitor for several years, Louganis is respected in the field of aquatics as an accomplished diver who spiraled downward to fame. At the age of 16 in 1976 he made his debut at the Olympic Games in Montreal. He won 4 Olympic gold medals, 1 Olympic silver, 5 World Championships gold medals and 6 Pan American gold medals. Louganis dominated in the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Games claiming all diving titles. He was the Olympic Platform silver medalist in 1976, the Olympic Platform gold medalist in 1984 and 1988, the Pan American Platform gold medalist in 1979, 1983, 1987 and the FINA Cup Platform gold medalist in 1979 and 1983. 
  2. Dmitri Sautin is another Olympic platform diver. Sautin holds the record as the most decorated diver to earn the most medals in diving meets. Hailing from Russia, He has proudly represented his country earning the silver medal at the 1976 Summer Olympic Games and finally, the gold at the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Games. 
  3. Fu Mingxia is a world-class female platform diver from China who has earned two consecutive Olympic medals in platform diving. At the Goodwill Games of 1990, at only 11 years, Mingxia dived from the platforms into the pool for gold. In 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics, Mingxia won the coveted gold medal and again at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics, Mingxia grabbed the gold. In addition to platform diving, Mingxia is also a springboard diving gold medallist. The World Swimming Championships saw Mingxia stand out in platform diving with another gold to prove her aquatic prowess. 
  4. Patricia Joan McCormick is a proficient female platform diver who has won gold at the 1952 and 1956 Olympics platform diving meets. Also, she would represent the the Pan American Games in 1951 and 1955, McCormick triumphed over fellow competitors. McCormick used to perform dives that in her day, were strictly forbidden for women but which  were allowed for the men divers. 
  5. Dorothy Poynton Hill is a renowed American platform diver who has distinguished herself at both the 1932 and 1936 Olympic Games. She conquered odds to capture silver medals in springboard diving.  
  6. Klaus Dibiasi made an big splash in platform diving history as he was an Olympian for aquatics four times in 1964, 1968, 1972 and 1976. An Italian, Dibiasi first got the silver medal at the 1964 Olympics held in Mexico City and in the following Olympic meets, Dibiasi received the platform diving gold in 1968, 1972, and 1976. In the FINA (Federations Internationale de Natation) World Aquatic Championships in 1973 and 1975, Dibiasi topped his class, swimming away with  four medals. 
  7. Michele Anne Mitchell is an American diver who won two silver medals at the platform diving event in 1984 Los Angeles and 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games. Mitchell won the gold at both the 1985 FINA World Aquatic Championships and the 1987 Pan American Games. She has been privileged with induction into the honored International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1995. 
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