Best Oral Sex Techniques

If you are looking to give your girlfriend the time of her life in bed, you need to learn how to master the best oral sex techniques. Whether you use these techniques as a way of giving her incredible pleasure, or for foreplay, you will increase her chances of having an orgasm, and in turn will receive many tokens of gratitude from her.

  1. Get her amped up. Before you dive on in, stimulate all of her other erogenous zones with your mouth or hands. When you finally get to her vagina, tease her by kissing, sucking, licking and rubbing all around the area. This technique will get her anticipation going and blood flowing to her lady-bits, making the area more sensitive.
  2. Get slippery. When using your hands and fingers, use your spit to get them wet before you start using your mouth on her. Once she gets turned on enough, her vagina will create lubrication of its own. use your fingers to spread this lubrication around. You may also use flavored lube, but either way, keeping her wet down there is an incredible sensation, making it one of the best oral sex techniques to use.
  3. Try using your teeth. Grazing your teeth or nibbling on her outer lips, inner lips, and clitoris while performing oral sex will create a whole new sensation for her. The key is to be very gentle, especially while on the clit, and use this technique every so often so you don't scare her. She may or may not like this, but trying it out can't hurt (hopefully.)
  4. Think of eating a juicy piece of fruit. The sucking motion that produces favorable results during oral sex is the one that mimics the way you would eat a really juicy piece of fruit, like a peach. Your mouth should be open over her clit, your lips flush with her vagina, sucking as if you are trying not to let the fruit drip.  
  5. Get her to relax. The less insecurities there are for her, the better her response during oral sex will be.  If either of you are worried about unpleasant odors or tastes, take a shower together before hand. Also, reassure her that you think she is sexy. While you're down between her legs, she may feel subconscious about the way she looks, weather it's the size of her thighs or the appearance of her vagina. Say and do things that compliment the way she looks, smells, and tastes, while rubbing and kissing her whole nether-region.
  6. Communicate. If she isn't very vocal in bed, or you can't decipher the noises she makes, ask her what she likes.
  7. Venture into other areas. Some women like to have their anus licked, or even have a finger inserted in them. This oral sex technique can provide extra stimulation and gratifying results. Ask her if she likes it, or would allow you to try it. 
  8. Use variations. Use different patterns, pressures, and motions while sucking or using your tongue. . She may be partial to you rapidly flicking your tongue over her clit, long and slow licks, a flat or rigid tongue, or sucking. Take your time and pay attention to the way she responds so you can take note of what oral sex technique she likes best. When you figure it out, keep doing it unless she seems to be getting bored, then try tweaking your technique or find a new one to use.
  9. Try new things. Take oral sex to a whole new level by trying it in different positions, like with her straddling your face, from behind, or standing up. Try giving her oral sex in new places around the house, like the shower, or even in public. You may also want to introduce sex toys or stimulating lubricants.
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