Best Outdoor Gymnastics Climbing Ropes

Using the best outdoor gymnastics climbing rope can make your climbing experience safe and enjoyable. A rope used for indoor climbing is different from rope used for outdoor climbing. Usually rope made from manila is used for climbing indoors. However, manila is unsuitable to use outdoors because it can be destroyed by water and constant exposure to the sun. Here are some of the best gymnastics ropes for outdoor climbing.

  1. Functional Hand and Strength Polyplus Outdoor Climbing Rope. The great thing about Polyplus rope is that, unlike manila rope, it is resistant to water and UV rays. Functional Hand and Strength Polyplus ropes come in various lengths, ranging from fifteen feet to 24 feet. There is also an indoor version of the Polyplus climbing rope for those who plan to use the rope indoors.
  2. Mammut Galaxy Climbing Rope. The Mammut Galaxy Climbing Rope is lightweight, very high quality and difficult to scratch. It is one of Mammut’s best outdoor gymnastics climbing ropes.
  3. Edelweiss Laser Arc Rope. The Edelweiss laser arc rope is a lightweight and water-resistant outdoor climbing rope that is great for using during gymnastics. It has a sheath pattern that allows for easy rope management during top roping and rappelling.
  4. Mammut Supernova Climbing Rope. At 60 meters long, this rope is the best rope for longer routes. Like most of Mammut’s ropes, this rope is very durable and does not absorb moisture, which is necessary for outdoor climbing ropes.
  5. New England Ropes Pinnacle Rope. New England Ropes is known for being one of the best climbing rope brands. The Pinnacle rope is lightweight and resistant to sunlight and water, all the qualities of a good outdoor climbing rope.
  6. Mammut Supersafe Rope. The Mammut Supersafe climbing rope is marked with triosafe color in the middle and five meters from each end to help prevent rappelling accidents. The rope is treated so that it will not absorb moisture, which makes it perfect for outdoor gymnastics climbing.
  7. Petzl Nomad Climbing Rope. The Petzl Nomad climbing rope is among climbers’ favorite ropes. This rope is one of the best for outdoor gymnastics climbing on this list. It is lightweight, resistant to moisture and abrasion and does not fuzz easily. It has markings six meters from each end to warn you when you are getting too close to the end to help prevent rappelling and lowering accidents. The light weight of the rope makes it perfect for people who want to climb long distances and do not want to be weighed down.
  8. Mammut Passion Climbing Rope. The Mammut Passion climbing rope is the best rope for beginner climbers and gymnasts. It is long-lasting and does not fray, and the finishing protects the rope from dirt and water creating a rope that is durable.
  9. Metolius Monster Dynamic Rope (dry). The Monster Dynamic rope comes either dry or non-dry. For outdoor use, dry is best because it provides protection from moisture that the rope might be exposed to during rain or snow. This rope is one of the best outdoor gymnastics climbing ropes because it is extremely durable, lightweight and strong.
  10. Petzl Zephyr Rope. The Petzl Zephyr rope is one of the best ropes for outdoor gymnastics climbing, especially for those who are beginners at outdoor climbing. The rope is resistant to shrinking when wet and it keeps dust from collecting on it. The one downfall to the Petzl Zephyr rope is that it has a tendency to fray after continuous use.
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