Best Paintball Shotguns

What are the best paintball shotguns? Todays realistic paintball guns are amazing training aids, and that includes what has traditionally been one of the most popular defensive weapons ever introduced, the defensive shotgun. Lucky for today's user there are quality replica shotguns which look, feel and function like the real thing. This allows the shotgun user to train with non-lethal ammunition in a realistic environment against live opponents which shoot back.

Here are a few of the best realistic paintball shotguns available.

  1. RAP4  Tactical Shotgun – This .68 caliber paintball shotgun replicates the real world tactical shotgun. It holds ten paintballs in its magazine and uses a realistic slide action to load them. It can be powered several ways, with C02 cartridges or by replacing the butt stock with a high capacity reservoir. The gun comes with a tactical collapsing stock, high profile sights, and accessory rails so that the user can use their normal accessories. This is one quality and realistic paintball shotgun for the shotgun shooter. Add to this the ability to use paintballs and less than lethal rounds such as pepper balls, this one could even save your life.
  2. Umarex RAM 68-18 Shotgun – A realistic copy of the modern combat/tactical shotgun. This paintball shotgun shoots ten .68 caliber paintballs, has a realistic adjustable tactical stock, flip up sights with protective wings, high visibility front sight, reliable pump action, and Weaver accessory rail for realistic practice. It is powered by two twelve gram CO2 cartridges

Those are the best realistic paintball shotguns. They allow the shotgun user the same training advantages that the modern military paintball gun replicas offer the military and police trainers. That is the advantage of using a realistic weapon which gives realistic training against live opponents. Add to this the ability to use less than lethal rounds in them, and these two modern paintball shotguns can just possibly save your life.

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