Best Party Cities in Asia

Curious about the best party cities in Asia? From India to Japan, Asia contains many countries, ethnicities and cultures. With the mysteries of the East and the exotic locales and foods, this continent is a top destination for the true adventurer. But as its citizens become more affluent due to increasing business and economic opportunities, they also have more of an opportunity to let loose and relax. From locals who know how to have a good time to travelers who want to party down, here are the best party cities in Asia:

  1. Osaka. Japan, often more known for its technology, high-tech business and ancient traditions, is also known for its party scene. Businessmen here work hard and play even harder, and the partying goes all night until the early morning. Osaka is especially known for its amiable citizens, who indulge in drinking, eating and revelry as a matter of course. Osaka is also known for its large expat population, who, like the locals, enjoy going from one eatery to another in rapid succession, sampling the different pub grub while washing it all down with Japanese beer and sake.
  2. Bangkok. Considered by some to be among the best party cities in Asia, Bangkok has entire streets dedicated to the cause. Hawkers and stands sell handcrafted wares for cheap prices alongside eateries and drinking establishments. The Thai beers are cheap, taste great and pack a huge punch at the end of a night of revelry. The large expat population mingles with locals and tourists who want to see this party city light up at night in a town that never seems to sleep.
  3. Seoul. No list of best party cities in Asia is complete without Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Several districts in Seoul, including Itaewon, Hongdae and Gangnam are dedicated to partying, and tourists can find anything they need to stay up all night. The bars only close when the last customer leaves, and you can find everything from huge dance clubs to Irish pubs in this multicultural town. If you can't make it to the prime party spots, the local Korean eateries provide a smorgasbord of grilled meats with as much local beer as anyone could possibly require, and the local liquor, soju, a vodka-like drink, provides an easy ally to help you socialize with Koreans.
  4. Ho Chi Minh City. No longer a war-torn country, Vietnam is now a thriving economy, and HCMC is a vibrant city with a vibrant night life. During any of the many festivals, the entire city is bedecked with lights and it seems the entire population turns out to join in the revelry. Fast food joints, local bars, groovy night clubs and pubs stand side-by-side to offer the intrepid traveler a sampling of the country's success, and sell everything from the many excellent local microbrewed beers to Irish whiskeys to ensure the party lasts all night long.
  5. Singapore. This city is home-away-from-home to six major ethnicities, each with its own unique way of celebrating. This ultramodern city has many unique neighborhoods, with unique customs and traditions. The dedicated party-goer can hop from the English district to Little India, sampling the delicacies and liquors of several nationalities. Singapore contains many dance clubs and singles bars that are popular with locals and tourists alike, making it a must on the list of best party cities in Asia.
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