Best Party Cities In Puerto Rico

The best party cities in Puerto Rico have multiple resorts full of activities, bars, and entertainment to keep someone busy with fun, and still have the option to relax and recharge their batteries for the next day. Fortunately the temperature in Puerto Rico is very warm but not overly hot at 82 degrees and it rarely gets to a 100. This is ideal for partying-warm enough to have fun and not too hot to worry about dehydration

  1. San Juan, Puerto Rico. San Juan is a blend of old and new, it is built out of an old fort, which gives atmosphere but still a lot of technology works here such as cell phones, internet and some satellite TV. San Juan has a bustling night life with plenty of bars, restaurants and street partying. Pina colada stands are also available for fresh Pina Colada's though out the city. The people are very friendly and accommodating, making this one of the number one destinations to visit in Puerto Rico. Free trolleys are prevalent throughout San Juan so you can get your party on, and be responsible. San Juan has made the list of top partying cities from several online publications such as the Pub Club.
  2. Dorado, Puerto Rico. Party in Dorado in Puerto Rico at the Hyatt Hacienda Del Mar where there is live entertainment, water sports, bars and cocktail lounges. You can relax the day away-after your night of partying-in their steam rooms, or by one of the beautiful pools. If you like to golf there are several golf courses including a Chi-Chic Rodriguez signature 18 hole course at the Aquarius Vacation Club at Dorado Del Mar Beach.
  3. Humacao, Puerto Rico. 45 minutes from San Juan is Humacao Puerto Rico, which is also rich in bars, lounges, golf and water sports. There is also a casino for the gambling types at the Plaza Resort at Palmas Del Mar. Humacao also has riding stables and villas with the comforts of home at the Club Cala, and with its proximity to San Juan you can enjoy the best of both cities.
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