Best Pelican Eclipse Kayak Accessories

Are you looking for the best Pelican Eclipse kayak accessories? There are many different accessories that you can add to your kayak to make your next outing more enjoyable. Whether you are winding your way down the rapids or just floating in a calm lake, there are accessories that can add another dimension to your kayak, or just make the experience a little more enjoyable. Here are the five best Pelican Eclipse kayak accessories.

  1. Try a water-repellant spray skirt. Spray skirts are always a great accessory to add to your kayaking experience. The spray skirt added to your Pelican Eclipse kayak will help keep you and your gear dry while you are experiencing those exciting rapids. You can adjust the waist band of this water repellant fabric so it fits any size kayaker.
  2. Always have a dry bag on board. If you are carrying any valuables with you on your kayaking adventure, it is always a good idea to have a dry bag on board your Pelican Eclipse kayak. The dry bag is constructed of PVC material and will keep your valuables protected; however, it is not recommended that you carry any electronics in your bag.
  3. Foot pads add comfort. To add a little comfort to your Pelican Eclipse kayak, you may choose to add some foot pads. These pads are easy to install and will fit in nearly all models of kayaks. They will also add stability to your lower body inside the kayak.
  4. Expand your comfort with a backrest cushion. Add a backrest cushion to your Pelican Eclipse to maximize your comfort. This backrest cushion will reduce the friction of your back against the hard seat and not interfere with your movement. The backrest cushion is designed to be waterproof and is easily installed and removed.
  5. A fishing rod holder can add to your kayaking adventure. You may choose to add a fishing rod holder to you Pelican Eclipse kayak for those times that you may be kayaking on a calm lake or a calm section of a river were you may get in a little angling time. The fishing rod holders come in flush mount as well as swivel models and are easily installed. They are designed to fit most standard fishing rods.
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