Best Pelican Kayak Accessories

If you want an excuse to spend money of things your kayak may or may not need, learn about the best Pelican Kayak accessories. Pelican is a quality maker of kayak and other sporting goods. Here are some of the best Pelican Kayak accessories:

  1. Pelican Kayak Splash Guard. If you love kayaking, but hate getting splashed, the Pelican splash guard is an important kayak accessory to have. This splash guard prevents you from getting wet by splashes from waves (or other kayakers). The Pelican Splash Guard also allows you to access the cockpit easily.
  2. Pelican Kayak Cooler. This best kayak accessory cooler is important if you plan on spending hours out on the river. No one likes a soggy sandwich or a warm beer. The Pelican cooler is compatible with most kayaks like the Sound sit-in kayaks, Horizon, Castaway and Apex. The Pelican Kayak cooler is lightweight at only three pounds.
  3. Pelican Kayak Aluminum 2 Piece 84" Paddle. If you don't already have paddles, the Pelican Aluminum paddle is the best Pelican kayak accessory for you. The aluminum is light and durable. You can also take the paddle apart. The paddle features an anodized aluminum shaft and polypropylene blades. You can also angle the blades in three different rotations.
  4. Pelican Kayak Deck Bag. This is a simple, yet important Pelican kayak accessory. This deck bag fits most kayaks. You can attach this deck bag to the bow or stern. Inside the main compartment is a mesh pocket for storing everything from your lunch to your clothes.
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