Best Ping Pong Paddles For Beginners

Choosing the best ping pong paddles for beginners can be difficult since there are so many to choose from and the equipment is always changing. When you are buying a good ping pong paddle you usually buy the blade, or the paddle, separate from the rubber. Here we will give you some good choices for the blade, since the rubber is usually added afterward.

  1. Butterfly Primorac Blade. This is a good beginners ping pong paddle because it has good control and it is not to fast. This makes it easier for players who are still developing their technique. It is often recommended for new players as an all around good choice.
  2. Donic Appelgren Allplay Blade. This is another blade that gives the newer ping pong player good control over the ball.
  3. Butterlfy Brubba Carbon Blade. These ping pong paddles are a good choice for the beginner who playing strategy is the attack. It is a carbon blade paddle that offers its player one of the biggest "sweet spots" of any paddle around.
  4. Stiga Allround Classic Blade. A good blade for an all around player who combines both consistent play with the attack. Ping pong beginners will benefit from the good control it offers along with the all around offense. This paddle has been used by many competitive players.
  5. Avalox Blue Thunder 550 Blade. This is a good blade for both beginners and advanced players. It is very light, and is great for looping. It can be used with a variety of rubbers and is a good choice for players who like to vary their spin.
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