Best Pink Floyd Albums

It's hard to pick the best Pink Floyd albums from amongst the fourteen this iconic band produced. Pink Floyd was arguably one of the greatest rocks bands in history and has come to define the term "Progressive Rock" for many who grew up listening to and living their lives to this bands unique style and sound. Lets take a look at their best work.

  1. "Wish You Were Here". Released in 1975, this album followed the tremendous success of "Dark Side Of The Moon", one of the most successful albums of all time. That's a tough act to follow, but Pink Floyd rose to the occasion with this tender, hard hitting tribute to founder and former band mate Syd Barrett. More introspective and personal than their earlier works, this album remains a classic today. The whimsical "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and" Wish You Were Here" are memorable not just for their depth but for their penetrating theme of lost youth and dead dreams. This was heavy stuff from group of men in their mid twenties and remains one of the best Pink Floyd albums.
  2. "Dark Side Of The Moon".  When "Dark Side Of The Moon" was released in 1973, it created nothing less than a sensation. No one had ever heard anything quite like this haunting, slowly building, darkly ominous sound before and it blew away the competition. This album spent fourteen straight years on the Billboard Charts, a record that has yet to be duplicated. This was one of the first Pink Floyd concept albums, a style in which each song builds on a greater story (similar to a rock opera) and songs bleed into each other without ever really ending. It became Pink Floyd's trade mark and defined their style for the next ten years. This is arguable the best Pink Floyd album of all time.
  3. "The Wall." By the time "The Wall" was released, in 1979, Pink Floyd had begun to come apart at the seams. Richard Wright left the group before the album was released and the rest of the group began to feel that they were singing back up for Roger Waters. The turmoil and emotional roller coaster atmosphere gave birth to one of the greatest Pink Floyd albums of the bands career." The Wall" was not only a critical  success, it was a commercial one as well, selling over 30 million copies world wide. This Pink Floyd album was a high concept style, telling the story of a struggling rock star haunted by the death of his father in World War II and trying to cope with the perils of fame, including addictions and isolation. The song "Another Brick In The Wall" is one of the most familiar songs of our times and has been covered by countless other groups. Despite its dreary lyrics and almost painful revelations, "The Wall" became a huge commercial success and took its place along side" Dark Side Of The Moon" as a Pink Floyd masterpiece.



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