Best Places For Easter Brunch: Denver, Colorado

If you are making plans for Easter brunch in Denver Colorado there are only a few things you need to decide to make a fantastic memorable event for everyone.  Easter brunch is a time for family to be together and celebrate a time of the year that means renewal, it should be fun quality time together, so don’t spend too much time stressing about the details.  If you are able to pull together the majority of the details in advance you’ll be in good shape for being able to spend time with your family at your Easter Brunch!  Here are some of the best Easter brunch spots in Denver!

  1. Toast Fine Food and Coffee.  The most casual Easter brunch location on this spot, Toast is also one of the tastiest!  You and your family will enjoy a menu stocked full of all homemade from scratch comfortable and cozy morning time meals! 222 Columbine Street, Denver, CO.
  2. Snooze.  A fun and creative place to eat, this will be one of the most low key Easter brunches you ever plan for your family!  Snooze values simple, delicious food and a simple and creative environment.   2262 Larimer Street. Denver, CO.
  3. Le Central.  A nice, cozy, welcoming and unpretentious French restaurant?  Yes!  Le Central cooks food on the principle that French food can be as comfortable and reasonable as anything else.  The menus change frequently to accommodate the use of the local French ingredients.  Most certainly one of the best restaurants for your Easter brunch! 8th Street and Lincoln Street, Denver, CO.
  4. The Lobby. One of the newer culinary offerings in Denver, Colorado, The Lobby is one of the best places for your Easter Brunch.  The large patio and substantial sized living room make it ideal for a group of any size and the modern menu peppered with classic favorites will ensure there’s something for everyone! 2191 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO.
  5. Venue Bistro.  Located in one of the most historic and picturesque neighborhoods in Denver, Venue is about life’s simplicity.  The menu changes every few weeks to offer you the most variety in town!  3609 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO
  6. Lucile’s Creole Café.  If you’re looking for some less traditional dishes for your Easter brunch feast, head over to Lucile’s where you’ll be treated to rib sticking Creole cuisine!  2124 14th Street, Boulder, CO
  7. Rioja.  Cooking food with all local and seasonal ingredients, Rioja’s food is modern and inspired by Mediterranean flavors.  A warm and classy environment makes Rioja one of the best spots in Denver for your Easter Brunch!  1431 Larimer Street, Denver, CO.
  8. Bisque.  A new American Bistro, Bisque serves comfort food inspired by Italian and French cuisine.  Bisque is a wonderful place for your Easter brunch as they value high quality ingredients above all else and buy local organic meats and produce for the freshest food in town. 224 Union Boulevard, Lakewood, CO
  9. Ellyngton’s.  Decorated in rich hues makes for an old world sophisticated feeling at this upscale and homey Denver eatery.  Brunch is the main attraction at Ellyngton’s the extensive brunch buffet attracts loyal customers and keeps them coming back for more!  321 17th St, Denver, CO
  10. Washington Park Grille.  Featuring Italian-American cuisine, Washington Park Grille is a fantastic place for your Easter brunch.  The food is excellent, the staff is helpful and friendly and the ambiance, complete with a beautiful outdoor patio, is comfortable and welcoming. 1096 South Gaylord Street, Denver, CO



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