Best Places For Kayaking In Belize

If you enjoy kayaking then you’ll definitely need to know about the best places for kayaking in Belize. Boasting one of the longest barrier reefs in the world, Belize has many excellent kayak destinations to explore. From the Saddle Caye South to the Laughing Bird Caye, there are many places to explore via kayak in this beautiful tropical paradise.

  1. Saddle Caye South. Located 7 miles southeast of Placencia, Saddle Caye South boasts an array of marine wildlife and mangrove trees to navigate through and explore. Once you’ve had your fill of exploring by kayak be sure to explore the tiny island by foot as well.   
  2. Queen Cayes. The Queen or Silk Caye, located about 25 miles away from Placencia, is another one of the best places for kayaking in Belize. Tropical fish abound in this area so be sure to bring along a camera for a few quick photos. Once you finish kayaking, plan on camping out on one of the 3 small Queen Caye islands for a little rest and relaxation. 
  3. Glover’s Reef. Littered with coconut trees, coral and beautiful white sand, Glover’s Reef is one of the best places for kayaking in Belize. Kayaking, fishing, swimming and exploring the island by foot are excellent activities to enjoy while visiting Glover’s Reef.
  4. Laughing Bird Caye. Located approximately 13 miles away from Placencia, Laughing Bird Caye is another one of the best places for kayaking in Belize. If you want to view marine wildlife at its best then kayaking throughout the Laughing Bird Caye is a must. When exploring this area by kayak, be on the look out for the Laughing Gull, the mascot bird whom the island is named for. According to the NPL, the Laughing Bird Caye was declared a protected area under the National Parks System Act. Now that it’s a protected area more travelers seem to flock to it, so be prepared to share the waters with other explorers. 
  5. Ranguana Caye. The Ranguana Caye, located an approximate 1 hour from Placencia, is the perfect destination for kayakers who plan on staying in one destination for a few days at length. Wood cabanas, maid service and other such hospitalities are offered on this tiny island. The Ranguana Caye is one of the best places for kayaking in Belize as it’s both family friendly and full of breathtakingly beautiful places to explore via kayak.
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