Best Places To Masturbate Without Getting Caught

If you've got to get, well, acquainted with yourself, where are the best places to masturbate without getting caught? Every now and then you need sexual release. When a partner isn't readily available, you need to help yourself to some self-induced pleasure. Just like partnered sex, excitement adds to the overall pleasure of masturbation. The thrill of the possibility of getting caught can increase your sexual pleasure exponentially. So, let's find the best places to masturbate without getting caught.

  1. In your car during a traffic jam. How about it? You're cruising down the highway and you get stuck in traffic. Just then, the newest Beyonce song seductively flows from the speakers. You know how sexy she is. Lets say you get turned on. What's stopping you from pleasuring yourself, especially if you have tinted windows? Who knows, there could be an accident up ahead. You could be sitting there for hours. You might as well get a little comfortable. What a great place to masturbate, right? Just make sure you have some wipes to clean up.
  2. In the theater during matinee hours. A theater can be a great place to masturbate without getting caught depending on when you go. Going to the theater during matinee times on, let's say, a Tuesday is still risky, but you have a better chance of getting away with the deed than being in a full house. Go ahead and go see that chick-flick you were too embarrassed to see during peak hours. Chick-flicks have hot girls in them for a little audio/visual stimulation.
  3. In the back of a library. This is one of the best places to masturbate. Think about it: everyone's got their noses in books. All you have to do is find a nice, quiet area in the back of the library and go to town. Just don't forget to watch out for the possible clerk going around collecting loose literature.
  4. Public bathrooms are always good. They can be one of the best places to masturbate. You can hear people walking in and out of the bathroom while you're doing your business, but unless they're some sort of perverted peep freaks, they won't be peering into your stall to see what you're doing. You can bring any sort of "help" that you need into the stall, be it magazines, porn on your laptop or what have you. You'll have way more than enough tissue to clean up when you're done.
  5. Your living room couch. Spread out and get comfy. Order that on-demand porno you've been wanting to watch. Get your lube handy, and get it started. You'd just better get it done before the wife and kids show up.
  6. Your bedroom. Turn out the lights and get it going. The first place you probably ever masturbated is still the most reliable. All you have to do is shut the door. Simple as that. Click the button on the door handle, throw in one of your trusty DVDs and spank the monkey. There's no better place for self gratification. It's clearly the best place to masturbate without getting caught.
  7. Department store dressing rooms. This is an obvious choice. Some dressing rooms do have video cameras, so make sure you give them a show. Then pray that you don't get caught and thrown out.
  8. On the roof of your house on a warm summer night. What's better then feeling a cool summer breeze while looking up at the stars? How about feeling that breeze, checking out those stars and giving yourself a good tug job? Get it done.