Best Places to Meet Mature Women

We all know there is something to be said for older women and every guy has tried to figure out the best places to meet mature women at some point in his romantic career. If you haven’t, you will. So here are a couple of ideas about how to meet mature women. You’ll first want to consider just how mature you like your ladies and from there start mapping out the best places to meet them accordingly.

1.      College Universities/Teachers: If you’re interested in academic maturity more so than numerical age, a great place to meet mature women is within the faculty or upper classmen of colleges and universities. Just stay away from the frat girls. You won’t find either there.

2.      Women’s Organizations: If you’re looking for female maturity at mid-aged, late thirty-ish level these type of women usually have a few types of places to meet. Mature women in their mid to later thirties can often be found at charity foundations, PTA meetings, and other “organizational functions”.

3.      Your Mom’s Friends – Now if you’re really looking to cougar it up and get itchy pants for gals that are over 50, start pallin’ around with your mom and her girlfriends. If you like that level of maturity in a woman, you’ve probably got your eye on one Momma’s bridge partners anyway. Who’d have thought that in visiting your mother you'd find one of the best places to meet mature women. You could have Mrs. Robinson saying “He’s such a GOOD boy” by the holidays.

4.      Convalescent Homes – Whether you REALLY like OLDER women, or have just been unfortunate elsewhere, nursing homes are sure-fire, idiot proof places to meet mature women in the most extreme of the sense of the word. Pay a visit to the senior center and you will be certain to have a slew of attention starved Grannies falling at your feet. Let the canasta festival begin!

So no matter how old ya’ like em, if you know the best places to look for mature women, the getting’s pretty good!

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